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5 Star Review from Readers Favorite! 


"Mighty Mila by Katie Petruzziello was an inspiring, fast-paced, and well-written story... Not only is the story full of important lessons, but it is also filled with helpful details about Mila's cochlear implants... Reading this wonderful tale, I was immediately attracted to the main character, Mila, who was a ball of sunshine throughout the story. I admired how strong-willed she was when she wanted to prove something to her family. The adorable and colorful illustrations by Nadja Sarell made the story even more joyous. The art is truly praiseworthy and adds more depth and tone to the tale. At the end of Mighty Mila, there are interactive activities for readers to enjoy. Having these activities at the end of the story made learning a lot more fun and worthwhile. Children will surely enjoy and also learn a lot from Mila's adventures! Great job!"

Reviewed By Trisha Dawn for Readers' Favorite


A. Machovec

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Oh my the overwhelming joy I feel when I read this story!! I am a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing and I am CONSTANTLY searching for stories that represent my students. There are stories out there where the main character has hearing devices, but the story is typically addressing their hearing loss. This book is TRUE representation for our kiddos with hearing loss. The subtle references to her cochlear implants are perfect and surrounded by a beautiful story about Mila proving that she is a big kid...something that all kids relate to! The writing is true to the mind of a child, the illustrations are beautiful and the mini follow up activities at the end of the book leave you wanting more! I am so excited that I get to add this to my classroom library!


L. Nissen

Mother of 2 Deaf/Hard of Hearing children

"My 3 year old daughter has cochlear implants too and I have been checking out every children's book about hearing loss and have not found any that have really felt right...most are too wordy, technical, and not visually appealing... This is not the case with this book! I finally feel like I have a solid book to gift her school and her teachers! I love that the book does not focus on her CIs, but Mila being a typical child who just happens to need help hearing. Well done, and thank you!"


J. DeGoria

Reading Specialist

"As a former Reading Specialist, I would strongly recommend this wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated picture book be used as a "read aloud" to children. This book should be part of every library collection, both in the classroom and at home. It could easily be part of the Character Education curriculum, especially aligning with the themes of "Respect for Self and Others" and "Friendship" as a springboard for very rich discussions. Mighty Mila's message of inclusivity is presented in such a fanciful, fun way!"


T. Krigsman

Author & Sister of Deaf Twins

Mighty Mila is a great book for children with hearing loss, children who have never known someone with hearing loss, and everyone in between. It's a fantastic look at a child's dream to be a big kid and all children will relate to the story.
This is a great book that brings awareness to the hearing loss community and a fantastic example of inclusion in children's literature!"

- A Note from Mila's Speech-Language Pathologist - 

"Bright colors, a beaming smile, a little sass, and a walk with confidence is how Mila walks into her weekly speech sessions. As a speech pathologist who has been honored to work with Mila and her family, I highly recommend Mighty Mila.  This mighty mom actively participates in her weekly speech sessions and has taken those skills to not only show a spunky, rainbow-loving, strong-willed lovable little girl but also add interactive thought-provoking and conversation-starting activities into the book.  You will feel part of the speech session and not even know it.  

What Katie has provided at the end of the book to interact on a deeper level shows how important it is to her that ALL children can follow the rainbow to reach the pot of gold like Mila.  The bar is set high and is attainable with whatever mighty power you have, even if it's knowing when to ask for help. I look forward to following her journeys through print and in life."

Tara Gallagher, CCC-SLP/TSHH, President of Listening Partners Inc. and Speech-Language Pathologist

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