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Our Mission


3 million children in the United States alone have hearing loss,

but during our journey, we realized just how few children's books feature deaf and hard of hearing characters.

Children with hearing loss deserve to see themselves represented in stories... but more than that they need to see themselves represented as regular kids where their hearing loss is NOT the focus of the story.  

Since these books didn't exist, I knew I needed to write one.


Mighty Mila is a true labor of love inspired by my spunky, unstoppable daughter, Mila, who is deaf and has cochlear implants, and a deep passion to create more understanding and inclusion in the world. 

I am so excited to give the world a fun story where all kids (regardless of hearing ability) can fall in love with an imaginative, fierce little girl, who just happens to have hearing loss.


Mighty Mila provides important representation for children with hearing loss, where they can see themselves as the hero in the story and feel empowered, while also spreading inclusion and acceptance to others outside the hearing loss community. 

Today more than ever,

we need children’s books that celebrate differences and provide a more inclusive

 view of the world.  


Exposing children to diverse books, like Mighty Mila, teaches them about others who are different from them, and promotes inclusion, empathy, and respect for all types of people.  This book helps open up conversations with kids about differences and disabilities and is perfect for families looking to add inclusive books to their library.

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Mighty Mila is available now for purchase

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