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About the Story

Mila wants to prove to her family that she’s a BIG KID!

Her plan is to do everything on her own, without asking for help - not even once! She uses her creativity, willpower, and even her new cochlear implant hearing devices, to tackle one big kid activity after another.

But when faced with something new that she can’t figure out on her own,
will Mila finally prove just how mighty she is?

Mighty Mila is silly, engaging, and fun for all kids (best suited for children ages 3-8), and contains the message that with imagination, perseverance, and even a little help from others, you can do everything and anything you set your mind and heart on.


Why this Book

  • Teaches children that representation matters by showing a character with hearing loss as the hero in a story

  • Encourages creative thinking and problem solving 

  • Teaches self empowerment and shows children that even if they are young they can achieve big things

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  • Teaches children that it’s okay to ask for help

  • Encourages meaningful conversations and promotes acceptance of others for their differences

  • Celebrates differences in all of us and helps children realize we are more alike than dif​ferent

  • Teaches about the power of perseverance, resilience and never giving up

  • Provides supplemental learning activities for parents, teachers and therapists to use to further engage children in fun listening and comprehension activities relating to the story

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A Look Inside...

Copy of Hi, my name is Katie Petruzziello. I’m a CPA turned project manager who spends my
Copy of Copy of Copy of Hi, my name is Katie Petruzziello. I’m a CPA turned project manage
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The making of Mighty Mila

Example of fun Supplemental Learning activities at the back of the book

 Our mission is to increase deaf representation in children's literature and promote further awareness, inclusion, and celebration of differences.

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